Saturday, January 28, 2012

Character Interview: Abby from "Replication: The Jason Experiment" by Jill Williamson

Abby's trailer:

So, Abby, what do you like to do for fun?

I used to hang out with my friends from youth group and do teen activities with my church, but now that I've moved, I spend most of my time reading Forensics Magazine and CRS Quarterly (which is Creation Research Society's quarterly journal). I really need to make some new friends. Right now it's all homework and reading and petting my cat.

Martyr was fascinated when he first encountered stars, a cat, a pair of Christmas socks, and other small things we often take for granted. What are some "small" things you've come to appreciate?

The biggest thing I came to appreciate was my dad's love for me. But I know what you mean about Marty and the little things. Since I've known him, I look at world differently sometimes. Like the freedom to wear what I want each day or being able to go outside. The beauty of our world and how truly amazing it is. And color. I never really thought about how wonderful colors are until I met Marty.

After meeting Martyr and learning the secret behind the Jason Farms, what have you learned about God's purpose for you and for others?

Well, I learned that God's plans aren't always clear at first. But if we trust him with our life each day, he will lead us right where he wants us to be. But we've got to be open to his plans and not so obsessed with our own goals and stuff. Not that we can't have goals, but I tend to get intense about my goals. And now I try to really trust God each day.

As for other people, I don't know their hearts or how God might be planning to use them. But I trust that God is way smarter than me, and he has amazing plans for every person on this planet. That's really pretty exciting to think about, you know?

Yes, it is! :-D

It's the beginning of a new year. Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

I used to be really obsessive about New Year's resolutions. But this year I decided not to make any specific plans or goals. I mean, Marty looks at life in such a neat way, I guess he's rubbed off on me a little. I want to trust God the way he does. So maybe I did make one resolution after all: to trust God with each day.

I'd say that's if you had to make just one resolution, trusting God more is the best. :-) Thanks so much for visiting today, Abby!

(Come back tomorrow for Martyr's interview!)

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  1. Fun interview! I really enjoyed this book. :)

    And how cool that Abby's response to the last question sounds similar to my New Year's Eve post:

    Thanks for sharing!